Is It A Coincidence?

It’s been on my mind lately–how can I better move my self out of the way of manifesting my desires? I know that what I think, and what I feel, are the only barriers but I haven’t been able to remove them as successfully as I would like to be able to.

So I worked on and posted an article yesterday afternoon. In my thoughts, as I wrote, were finding and using ways to make the law of attraction (LOA) work better for me. I’m looking for the how. My closing remark was, “I’ll have more on this once I figure it out for myself.” So you can see the thought was there.

So about 20 minutes after I posted that, I received an email from a fellow web designer that I hadn’t heard from or communicated with in quite a while. She was in a pickle with an e-commerce site that wasn’t quite working as advertised. After a few hours of working on the problem, I had it sorted and fixed. In the last of our back-and-forth emails, about 10pm, I sent an invoice.

This morning: I received notice from my PayPal account of money received. Already? Yes! Now, what to do with this newfound money? Bills? Yeah, I should. There’re always bills to pay. But…

So what happens about 10 minutes later? An email from Nightingale Conant, telling about Wayne Dyer’s program, The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny. I’d been wanting to know more about Dr. Dyer’s meditation techniques, but hadn’t taken the time to investigate further. Specifically, I wanted to learn how he uses meditation to tap into the LOA, and why he believes it’s so effective.

I bought it, with my newly manifested (I believe) funds.

Was the timing of this job, her fantastically fast payment, and my receipt of that particular email a coincidence?

I don’t know for sure, but I think not.


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    There are no coincidences 😉 There are only our feelings, our thoughts and the world we create with our feelings and our thoughts. I love the way the job, the fast payment and the email all worked together to bring you to what you were seeking!

    I have been finding Abraham’s latest analogy of “dropping the oars” to be an effective way of moving myself out of the way of the manifestation of my desires. And meditation is one beautiful way of dropping the oars …

  2. says

    Belle, I agree with you completely: there are no coincindences.

    There have been many more of these instances happen to me in the past few days. It is enough to boggle the mind!

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