The Power of a Misapplied Concept

I read in a NYT editorial today to “check the polls – most Americans want universal health care and the ultra-rich taxed fairly”.

I’ve never trusted polls, manipulating to an ordained outcome is far too easy. So I’ll take the ‘most Americans want universal health care’ with a grain of salt – or 3. I just don’t think it’s true,

But the big head-shaker comes from ‘taxing the ultra-rich fairly’. What is ‘fairly’? The rich and ultra-rich already pay 90% of the income taxes collected in this country.

My guess is this idea comes from the leftish concept that the wealth of a country is owned by the citizenry. This is against the fundamental idea of free enterprise and private property – two of the ideas that made the US the most prosperous and powerful nation in history.

Socialism has been tried, and has failed in every singe instance.

8 thoughts on “The Power of a Misapplied Concept

  1. Adam Tyler

    I think US tax rates are far below what’s needed to maintain a free and universal healthcare. Check tax rates in Norway to see how much money is really needed.

    Nevertheless, “fairness” is an “umbrella concept”. You can get away with any silly idea, by using “fairness” as a support.

    1. Steve

      Why should there be ‘free and universal healthcare’? Why should *I* pay for *YOU* to go to the doctor?

      I see a doctor if I absolutely have to, and not until. And I pay for it myself – I don’t expect someone else to pay my way.

      1. Adam Tyler

        I need to clarify – I didn’t say there “should be” free and universal healthcare. I just pointed out that US needs to raise taxes significantly, if it wants to provide such service. I won’t discuss whether it’s a good idea, because after all the choice isn’t entirely rational, as you have mentioned.

  2. Ron

    Socialism always fails when it runs out of other peoples money.

    You pay for your services, I’ll pay for mine. In fact, that will keep prices down and service optimal for everybody because the Free Market works!

    If universal health care is implemented, people have less reason to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Got a sniffle? May as well make an expensive emergency room visit. Like to smoke? Well, that’s ok because rest of the public will pay for the error of my ways.

    When you raise taxes on the business people of this country, those who are often working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and keeping you employed, what do you think is going to happen? That’s right – they are going to decide it is just not worth it. They will move on to other things and you lose your job.

  3. Self worth

    In NZ we have subsidized health care. We’ve always had it so I don’t know any different, but it’s nice knowing that if something unexpected happens you won’t also end up bankrupt. I can afford private medical care and will always choose that option, but I don’t begrudge those that need some help – sometimes it’s not socialism, it’s just about being a community-based species, which is what humans are designed to be.

  4. Vimax

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    1. steve Post author

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